Project Management

At Paul Smith Earthmoving, we implement appropriate record keeping, reporting and invoicing tailored to specific project requirements.

All quality assurance and project-related information is maintained in an electronic project file, while project progress is cross-referenced against physical progress using a Microsoft Project Gantt Chart.

The site manager is responsible for keeping a daily record of on-site events including, but not limited to, plant on-site, weather/ground conditions, operator/driver timesheets, quality of product delivery, supplier dockets and H&S incidents. All operators and site staff have regular contact with the site manager who is responsible for communicating any issues to the engineer to ensure a swift resolution. Paul Smith Earthmoving requests that all variations are formally instructed for record keeping purposes.

Achieving Results
Traits that give Paul Smith Earthmoving the edge over the competitors:

  • Customer Focus – Company Directors Tony and Bruce are actively involved with project management and the day to day running of the Company. Their hands-on approach and passion for achieving results for Client and Company filters through to staff on the ground
  • Initiative – Management within the Company promote teamwork and initiative, working collaboratively with staff on the ground and consultants/clients alike to achieve the best results without compromising on quality. Best construction practices will always be critical in any suggestion or innovation
  • Business Sustainability – Fundamental to Paul Smith Earthmoving’s success is to create long- term sustainability within the construction industry while complying with regulatory and industry standards. Key to this success is building/partnering relationships with clients to ensure continual work through strong management systems
  • Staff Development/Training – All on-site staff are required to undergo training for industry required qualifications.

Our mission is to deliver innovative earthworks solutions through customer driven staff and technically advanced plant.

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